Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And the people who love her…

Yesterday, I posted some of baby L’s pics from her newborn session.  We also captured some great pics of her and her super proud big brother…

1043 1054

This next pic is why I love being a photographer….1055

This was one of those unscripted moments…sublime moments…that I just love and long to capture.  I didn’t prompt big brother to do this, and can only imagine what he told his new baby sister…but, it was just perfectly sweet.  Made my heart swell, and they aren’t even mine!!

Big brother was such a big helper and even captured some of his own moments, on his camera…

There isn’t much that’s more beautiful than a mother and her newborn…


Thanks, Laura, for trusting me with this precious moment in your lives!


  1. These (and the ones in the post below) are so gorgeous. Baby photo shoots kind of scare me, so I'm always impressed by beautiful baby shots like these.

  2. thanks, danelle! i'm def getting better at newborn shots. my first session wasn't nearly as good. i think i was nervous, too!!